Tuesday, October 17 at 7:00 pm

Admission: $6. This film is Sold Out

Location: Cinema Art Theater, 17701 Dartmouth Drive, #2, Dartmouth Plaza, Lewes map 

The Hampton Roads area of Virginia is relatively unknown nationwide, but it is the region whose vulnerability to sea level rise most affects military readiness and our overall national security. With 14 military installations spread across 17 local jurisdictions, it is our highest concentration of military assets in the country, where 1 in 6 residents are associated with our nation's defense. Their homes, schools, hospitals, and families are increasingly struggling to keep up with the effects of rising waters, and the military and all the surrounding municipalities are working towards solutions in the name of strengthening national security and enhancing economic prosperity.

Hampton Roads requires $1 billion in urgent infrastructure repairs with 900 miles of its roads and electric grid threatened by permanent flooding. Faced with these unprecedented challenges that can only be tackled by a wide range of stakeholders, from ordinary citizens to the U.S. Navy to local businesses, Tidewater demonstrates that an innovative whole-of-government problem-solving model being attempted by local and military leaders is the only way to ensure the continued strength of our national security, along with the continued prosperity of the region and the nation.

If Hampton Roads succeeds, it will mean success on several levels.  They'll save their homes, schools, businesses, the bases, and that's no mean feat.  But they'll also create a powerful template for success, a model other regions can use to prepare for and deal with disaster – and more: a model that can demonstrate how people, businesses and government can pull together to solve any complex problem. The story strikes a positive tone, highlighting the outsized capabilities of Hampton Roads to show the nation and the world how it can be done. Lots of hard choices and sacrifices will have to be made in order for the plan to succeed, but if they get it right, human communities everywhere will have a roadmap. [2017, US, Runtime: 40 minutes, Rated: NR].

Post Screening

A post-screening Q&A will take place with the following panel of guests:

  • Dr. Chris Sommerfield, Professor of Oceanography, University of Delaware
  • Danielle Swallow, Program Manager Resilient Community Partnership (DNREC)
  • Judy G. Rolfe, Tidewater Assistant Producer and Filmmaker




Sunday, October 29 at 1:30 pm

Admission: $12. Reservations can be purchased online here or by calling the office,
302-645-9095. If not sold out, admission will be available at the door. Please note: tickets are not refundable.

Location: Cinema Art Theater, 17701 Dartmouth Drive, #2, Dartmouth Plaza, Lewes map 

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society’s Cinema Art Theater will present a screening of Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse with a special appearance of the ballet star herself. An intimate and fascinating biographic documentary on one of the most celebrated dancers of the 20th century, Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse portrays the life of ballerina Suzanne Farrell, the last muse and quintessential interpreter of the celebrated choreographer George Balanchine. Directed by Anne Belle and Deborah Dickson in 1996, this documentary traces Farrell's development as a dancer from her childhood in Cincinnati to her move to New York City where she auditioned with Balanchine.

The film concentrates on her first and second tenures with the NYC Ballet, but also focuses throughout on the dramatic story of Farrell's relationship with "Mr. B." A vivid portrait emerges through interviews with Farrell, her mother, her dance partner Jacques d'Amboise, her former husband Paul Mejia, as well as Edward Villella and Arthur Mitchell. Though the film includes archival footage of remarkable performances, how passionate artists Farrell and Balanchine influenced each other is its most outstanding attribute. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1996. (USA, 1996, 90 mins)

Post Screening: Suzanne Farrell will be present for a post screening Q&A. In addition, Catherine Tambini, the film’s producer, and Carolyn Falb, Chair of the Advisory Board of The Suzanne Farrell Ballet at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, will also be participating.


Farewell Performance at the Kennedy Center

Suzanne Farrell celebrates her sixteenth season as the Artistic Director of the Suzanne Farrell Ballet at The Kennedy Center. From December 7–9, 2017 her ballet company will perform Forever Balanchine: Farewell Performance.

Throughout her career as a dancer, Suzanne Farrell created and redefined many of the great roles of the Balanchine canon. The farewell program is a pageant of favorites, all handpicked for their special meaning to Ms. Farrell.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the Kennedy Center - click here







European River Boat Cruise



The winner will select from one of the following four cruises:




Danube Waltz
(Passau to Budapest)


Romantic Danube
(Budapest to Nuremberg)


Christmas in Germany
(Nuremberg to Cologne)


Rhine Getaway
(Amsterdam to Basel)



Raffle tickets: $10 each or 6 for $50

Tickets can be purchased at the following two locations:

Cinema Art Theater
17701 Dartmouth Drive, #2, Dartmouth Plaza, Lewes, and

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society Office
107 Truitt Avenue, Rehoboth Beach)

The drawing will take place at the intro to the 7:00 screening on December 29, 2017 (at the Cinema Art Theater)

Note: The cruise does not include airfare, transfers, optoinal shore excursions and land extensions